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Out of control Face sitting She Boss

November 18th, 2017

Sweet and innocent is the order of day with this movie; well at least to begin with.  When you see the pink outfit and the nicely spoken babe you think that it’s going to be plain sailing, standard porno; you couldn’t be more wrong!  This babe turns onto a facesitting smothering animal pretty soon into the movie and you would be forgiven for believing that the poor guy with her didn’t know a thing about it.  As soon as she begins to take control of the situation she gets her pussy out and onto his face like something out of an old alien movie (you knows the ones I mean, with whatsname in them).  The guy doesn’t stand a chance once this bitch gets latched on.  But she doesn’t stop there either, it gets even better!
She wants this tongue in her pussy and his face pressing against her undercarriage so bad and in so many different positions that she twists and turns him around on the floor like he’s some kind of toy to be played with.  Then she grabs his head and uses it like some form of spherical dildo, ramming it into her pussy in a frenzy.  The guy can hardly fucking breathe.  And then finally when she gets too out of control and power hungry, facesitting will no longer satiate her need.  She ends up wrapping her long legs around her guys neck as if she’s trying to kill him.  It makes her even more wet for some more action and by the time the movie ends, her guy is fucked!  Go and check it out on She Boss now, where the girls are almost certainly in control!

Sexy Lingerie Face Sitter Gets Her Pussy Eaten Out

November 17th, 2017

Having sexy underwear on doesn’t change the fact that his bitch is in control.  She most certainly is.  When her man enters the room it takes her a matter of seconds to get him on the floor, get her knickers off and get herself sat down on his face.  At some points in the movie you actually forget what the guy looks like because you can never see his face.  She might have her pussy positioned over his mouth for a good tonguing but her big ass completely obscures the guy’s head.  If you’ve ever wanted to see a guy used as a sex doll, or even a sex toy, then this is it folks; he may as well be completely inanimate!
On another matter, this face sitter does have some very nice looking boobs, I think you’ll agree.  Perhaps she should consider using them to smother her man a little; although I suspect that she doesn’t get quite as much pleasure out of it as he does.  Pity really.  And she wouldn’t want him to get too much pleasure when she’s completely in control would she?  It’s a power thing you see, and she is the She Boss.  The guys on this site wouldn’t have it any other way either folks, if there’s one thing She Boss makes sure of its that the guys are genuinely into this sort of stuff; you can tell this by watching them (when you can see their faces of course!)  Check out the video on She Boss right now and see all the other face sitters and face smothering bitches on there; you won’t be disappointed I guarantee it!

Innocent looking face sitter

November 16th, 2017

This babe might look nice and innocent in her white dress and her flimsy looking figure, but don’t be deceived guys, this one could smother you to death in a matter of minutes if she wanted to.  She is another of the great She Bosses ready to take on any man and put him in his place; which is usually beneath her sopping wet pussy or arse.  The only conciliation this guy gets is the fact that whilst this bitch is smothering his face, he gets to lay his hands on her stockinged legs.  The feel of those silk stockings must be something to behold when you can barely breathe through the folds of pussy lips and wetness!
This babe certainly likes her man to taste and fully experience her wet pussy.  Don’t you just love the shot of her spreading her pussy nice and wide in order to shove it over her lover’s face?  I bet he sticks his nose in there and gives it a good old nose fuck for her; she’s probably demanded it!  When you’ve got a pussy over your nose and an ass like this on your mouth, it might be difficult to breathe, but boy oh boy would it be a heap of fun!  Check out the video of this set over on She Boss now and get yourselves ready for the shock of a lifetime; some of those bitches on there show no mercy at all, no matter what happens!

Ass Worshipping, Pussy Licking, Face Sittings

November 16th, 2017

If you like your girls on top then this is the site for you folks.  She Boss will give you all the best girls, mightily powerful and in complete control of their man.  This one in particular likes to have her pussy licked.  However, it’s pretty hard to lick a pussy when you can’t get your tongue out of your mouth because you have the bitch sitting so hard down on your face you can barely breathe.  It’s nice the way she lifts her weight off him every now and then so he can actually get his tongue out of his head and also take a breath.  This is the ultimate control, because if he doesn’t get to the licking as soon as she lifts up a little then she simply slams her pussy back down onto his face and smothers the shit out of the poor bastard.
She looks well horny doesn’t she?  And I bet some of you would like to bend her over and stick your cock inside her wet pussy right?  Well, no dice I’m afraid, this bitch is on control and you’ll do exactly as your told with her or else it’s a face sitting smothering for you; one which you wouldn’t be likely to forget.  This guy had a stiff neck and was unable to speak for 3 weeks following this shoot!  Fuck!  Get over to She Boss and see the other guys getting smothered; there are plenty of girls to go at over there and plenty of guys waiting to get smothered by big tits, big asses, nice firm and strong thighs and wet, wet, wet pussy!

She Boss bitch smothers her man

November 15th, 2017

This fit bitch is a facesitting expert.  It’s all good and well being a fat bitch and sitting on your man’s face to smother him; this is easy when you’re that size.  What happens though when the bitch isn’t fat at all, and doesn’t have the benefit of having huge rolls of flesh to do the work for her?  This is what happens my friends, you get a face sitting She Boss expert on the case.  This one has all the makings of a WWF superstar if she was in the right place; of course she chooses to smother and defeat lesser men, and there are a lot of you out there.
The video shows this babe not only using her pussy and her ass to smother and hold her man where she wants him, she also has some really powerful thighs that could pop your fucking head off if you struggled too much against her.  She means business and when she’s got her man where she wants him (usually beneath her ass and pussy) then she is in complete control and the only thing he can do about it is to put up with it and stick it out until she gets too bored!    If you like your ladies in charge and you don’t mind putting up with a bit of punishment (well a lot of punishment) then get yourselves over to She Boss for the face sitting time of your life; these girls really know how to treat a man; harsh and horrible!

She Boss takes control. You dont want to mess with this bitch

November 14th, 2017

Facesitting has never been so fucking awesome.  Just look at this babe getting her guy under control, it’s a wonder the guy can still breathe!  When you see the hot video you’ll think that he can’t in various places I’m telling you.  This is one of the best facesitting and She Boss movies I’ve ever seen on this site and it only gets better and better.  The guy puts up quite a fight in this movie and you can actually get the feeling that it’s really genuine stuff going down.  She isn’t that fat either is she?  It’s all strength that’s keep this guy down; either she is super strong or he’s a fucking weed!  Not sure which.
When she gets his head on the couch like that though, that’s some severe punishment I’m telling you.  Image getting your neck in that position while a hot She Boss sits on your face to shut you up!  It’s got to be an exquisite mixture of pleasure and pain hasn’t it?  I know I’d like to try it out, if only to see if I could shake her off!  If you want to see the whole video of this scene and take a good look at what else is onsite at the moment then go on over to She Boss and get your fill; if you have the stomach for it you fucking wimp!  They’ll love you over there.

Forced to lick ass and pussy by his strict mistress

November 13th, 2017

Being forced to lick ass and pussy is even more horny than volunteering to do it anyway in our opinion.  This is why there are websites like She Boss out there, dedicated to ass and pussy worship, with hordes of facesitting fans queuing up to get the latest update of facesitting fun.  This website never ceases to amaze you either.  One minute you’ve got a pair of fat, awesome looking bitches sitting on a guy’s face so he can hardly breathe, and then you’ll have a seemingly sweet, medium to skinny build babe in the same situation, using all her strength and power to do the same as the big girls; and often just as successful too!  That’s because they’re all She Bosses and they know that they are the boss.
You see, half of the battle for these babes against the guys is getting it right in their mind first.  If they can tell themselves over and over that they are indeed the more powerful species then they will ultimately dominate us every time; and believe me, it doesn’t matter how big they are, or indeed how big you are either, you will almost certainly fall to their power and end up with your face being crushed by some ass and pussy.  To be told what to do and forced to endure certain things is an enormous turn on that can’t be imitated by anything or anyone!  Get on over to She Boss and get taken over by the babes on there, they’ll be glad to have you.

Hot leggy brunette filmed face sitting

November 13th, 2017

Watching this video made me feel ever so slightly unwell because I could feel the pain of the guy who gets his head wedged between the bottom of the sofa and his woman’s pussy.  She positions his head, propping it up as he lays on the floor, and then she slams into his face with her legs wide open!  Can you believe this shit?  It looks cruel.  However, having said that, it doesn’t look as though her man is complaining too much about it does it?  He looks as though, despite his pain, he enjoys every minute of this.
This babe isn’t even a big girl either is she?  Many of the babes on She Boss are quite big and fat and really able to hold down a guy using their weight alone!  But this one, she uses her willpower and strength to keep her man where she needs him.  There’s something admirable about that and I can’t deny that I’m more than a little turned on by this bitch seeing what she can actually do to her men.  Who needs a massive pussy and ass if you’ve got the skill and strength to take control of the situation?  So facesitters of the world, unite and take over.  You no longer have to be huge or far, you just need to know how to sit on your guy’s face effectively and take control of the situation.  Pain is what does it in many cases, but simple asphyxiation fetish will do for others; really though, why look for a name for the fetish?  Just do it if it feels good.

Black she boss means business

November 12th, 2017

Have you ever seen such a beautiful boss lady before?  You see, She Boss isn’t always about the babes that look so big you could use them as wind breaks, they can be trim and bossy too you know.  Take a look at this lovely black babe with a smile on her face.  Of course, you must understand that she is indeed a boss, and that she is only smiling in some of these pictures because she has her man well and truly under control with his head beneath her powerful, crushing ass!  There is no way this babe is going to let the guy off lightly, no matter how nice her smile is; she’s just pretending that’s all, she’s a nasty piece of work.
Looking at the pictures and then recalling the movie (because I get to see them all!) I can verify that half this She Boss’s power comes from her legs.  It’s not in the size of her butt at all; although that is simply wonderful in size as far as I’m concerned.  It’s a lot to do with her thigh muscles the way that she keeps her man where she wants him; he’s not going any fucking where is he?  To be honest, if I was him I don’t think I’d even want to go anywhere once I’d got my head stuck where his is!  If you want a little more of this She Boss action then get on over to the website now and take it all in.

Is this foot or facesitting fetish?

November 11th, 2017

I’ve seen it all now, I’m telling you!  These women are almost certainly in charge aren’t they?  Just look at them with their (possibly) smelly feet in that poor guy’s face!  If it isn’t enough that he has to endure their arses sitting on his face and then them rubbing their pussy all over his face, now he has to put up with this.  Hang on a minute!  It’s not that bad after all is it.  Can you imagine getting all this attention from these big beautiful ladies?  I mean, whether they’re abusing you or not, it’s got to be good hasn’t it?  To feel those big thunder thighs around the sides of your face when they’ve finished pushing their feet in your face, must be absolute heaven!
I think that the guy in these pictures is pretty much into his asphyxiation, whether that be by foot or pussy, it doesn’t seem to matter to him.  If he can be prevented from breathing then he’s going to get his rocks off no matter what.  It makes me wonder how these girls know when enough is truly enough and they don’t cross any boundaries!  After all, they don’t want a dead guy on their hands do they?  When you see the whole movie of these two bossy ladies you’ll understand all about it however.  They don’t want to cause any harm, they’re just having some fun with him, and when you think about it, you’re here for the very same reason.