Like plump ladies? Who will make you eat their stinking fat ass?

Black she boss means business

October 22nd, 2017

Have you ever seen such a beautiful boss lady before?  You see, She Boss isn’t always about the babes that look so big you could use them as wind breaks, they can be trim and bossy too you know.  Take a look at this lovely black babe with a smile on her face.  Of course, you must understand that she is indeed a boss, and that she is only smiling in some of these pictures because she has her man well and truly under control with his head beneath her powerful, crushing ass!  There is no way this babe is going to let the guy off lightly, no matter how nice her smile is; she’s just pretending that’s all, she’s a nasty piece of work.
Looking at the pictures and then recalling the movie (because I get to see them all!) I can verify that half this She Boss’s power comes from her legs.  It’s not in the size of her butt at all; although that is simply wonderful in size as far as I’m concerned.  It’s a lot to do with her thigh muscles the way that she keeps her man where she wants him; he’s not going any fucking where is he?  To be honest, if I was him I don’t think I’d even want to go anywhere once I’d got my head stuck where his is!  If you want a little more of this She Boss action then get on over to the website now and take it all in.

Is this foot or facesitting fetish?

October 22nd, 2017

I’ve seen it all now, I’m telling you!  These women are almost certainly in charge aren’t they?  Just look at them with their (possibly) smelly feet in that poor guy’s face!  If it isn’t enough that he has to endure their arses sitting on his face and then them rubbing their pussy all over his face, now he has to put up with this.  Hang on a minute!  It’s not that bad after all is it.  Can you imagine getting all this attention from these big beautiful ladies?  I mean, whether they’re abusing you or not, it’s got to be good hasn’t it?  To feel those big thunder thighs around the sides of your face when they’ve finished pushing their feet in your face, must be absolute heaven!
I think that the guy in these pictures is pretty much into his asphyxiation, whether that be by foot or pussy, it doesn’t seem to matter to him.  If he can be prevented from breathing then he’s going to get his rocks off no matter what.  It makes me wonder how these girls know when enough is truly enough and they don’t cross any boundaries!  After all, they don’t want a dead guy on their hands do they?  When you see the whole movie of these two bossy ladies you’ll understand all about it however.  They don’t want to cause any harm, they’re just having some fun with him, and when you think about it, you’re here for the very same reason.

Two mean fatties riding a guys face

October 21st, 2017

You just can’t beat seeing two fat bitches riding a guy’s face can you?  You just know that the poor son of a bitch isn’t going to get enough time to breathe between when one fatty gets off and the other one replaces her. Don’t you just wish you could be there to experience it first hand?  I know I do.  These babes are expert face sitters too, you don’t get just any old fat bitch on She Boss; only the best for this fetish site.  When all the other female boss, submissive guy sites fail you can be sure of a truly magnificent time over at She Boss, the home of the dominant, fat bitch who won’t let you breathe.
When you see the full length feature version of this movie you’ll be amazed at just how proficient these girls are at their job.  It’s as though they’ve had some form of special training to allow them to perform such acts of cruelty on men.  When you consider that they are always close to suffocating these guys it can be classed as nothing else but cruelty can it?  Smothering a man, whether it’s with a pillow, your ass or your pussy, is still smoothing, no matter how you try to dress up the details.  So when you’re ready to witness some truly horny, and equally truly horrific scenes of smothering action, get yourself over to She Boss and see what the real women do to guys who get off on this sort of thing.

You can’t fight off two fat bitches

October 20th, 2017

You might think you can fight off one of these fat bitches intending to smother you with their big fat ass, but you’re certainly not man enough to fight off two of them!  Have you seen the size of these babes?  To be perfectly honest with yourself however, although you might like to pretend, would you really want to fight them off anyway?  I bet you’d love to have one of them forcing your head between the legs of the other so that you can do some grade A pussy worship wouldn’t you?  I know I’d like to have a little go at it.  These two look like prime candidates for the job too; they’re working this guy over good and proper.  I don’t think that I’ve ever seen anything as beautiful as this before; and I find it even more beautiful because it’s not my head between their legs (a strange kind of love and hate relationship I have with asphyxiation).
Imagine it.  Two of those giant wet pussys, sitting down on your face simultaneously.  That must be truly awesome; especially if they both have a very different smell and taste.  It could be fun distinguishing which is which when they swap their pussy around a little.  And imagine being able to feel the weight of those babes, not only on your head, but all over your body while they wait for each other to finish on your face; that must be amazing!

Wimpy dude gets smothered with pussy and strangled

October 20th, 2017

There is nothing like seeing another guy getting beat on by a bitch; especially when it’s one of the bitches from She Boss.  These babes know how to put a guy in his place, and this particular wimpy guy doesn’t stand a chance against this babe; she’s twice as strong as he is and she has more fat and ass than she needs to smother him any time she wants to.  But she doesn’t!  Why is this?  It’s because she wants to strangle him with her legs first for a while, that’s why.  This She Boss really is a boss from hell, one of the original Horrible Bosses that they make movies out of these days.  She could get this guy to do anything, but you know what?  She doesn’t need anything, she just enjoys it.
I have a sneaking suspicion that he likes it too though.  Pay no attention to the painful expressions on his face or the tears in his eyes when she has her legs wrapped around his throat folks, it’s just a fake; really he’s a smothering fan and loves nothing more than to be bossed and kicked around by a woman twice his size and twice his strength.  This woman can certainly hold her own, and I wouldn’t mind having her behind me in a pub fight (or anything else for that matter); if not behind me, then on top of me when we get home.  I’d love to get my arms around those thighs as she sat on my face and tried out a bit of smothering with me.  If you want to check it out then go to She Boss and see all the other big fat babes on offer over there.

Two mean BBW bitches filmed smothering a guys face

October 19th, 2017

So what do you do when you catch two fat bitches like this fucking around naked on the bed?  Well if you fancy getting involved with them you simply ask them don’t you?  Not with these two though.  You don’t get any choices in the matter anyway because they simply drag you in between them and begin to strip you and squash you with their gigantic bodies.  Those big tits squashed into your face so you can hardly breathe?  Must be wonderful to experience yes?  How about having the two of them sitting on your face simultaneously so that you never really get a chance to take a good, long deep breath in?  That’s got to be smothering fetish gone mad!
These two could make this guy disappear quite literally if they hugged him between them long enough.  Their giant folds of fat and huge tits could smother him and he wouldn’t stand a chance of getting out alive; I wonder how that would hold up in a court of law?  Smothered by two fatties by accident.  I’m not sure if one of these bossy fatties would condescend to allowing you fuck them, but it would be seriously sexy to have one of them on your cock while the other one smothers you with her fat ass wouldn’t it?  Check all the She Boss content out on their website right now; you won’t regret a single moment of it, we guarantee it!

Buy one she bitch and get one free!

October 18th, 2017

You don’t need to buy these fat bitches folks, they do this for love!  This means that when you see these babes going at it, sitting on some poor guy’s face, they actually enjoy doing it and they’d probably do it to the same guy all day if they could; sadly the guys are so exhausted after one session, with only one girl, that they can’t take much more!  So how do you think this guy manages to cope with two of the facesitting slappers at the same time?  The answer is that he doesn’t manage to cope with them, he just puts up with it because he loves to worship ass and pussy as it’s slammed into his face.
You are either one of two types of visitor folks, you either love to ass and pussy worship and you’re into all that, or you’re here because you’re wondering what the fuck it’s all about.  Well, when you’ve finished contemplating smothering and ass worship, take yourself along to She Boss, where you’ll find out that it’s a lot more to do with the women being in control than it is to do with face sitting and any of the other stuff; it’s a really great fetish and you should try it out at least once.  There’s nothing like having a fat bitch with a glamorous ass sitting on your face so you can hardly breathe.

Real mean British bitches aare in charge here

October 18th, 2017

The women certainly are in charge here folks, and when it comes to big, bossy women She Boss has them all; and they’re very fierce!  When you first enter their website you think that it might just be another pathetic fetish site that doesn’t offer what it says it does, but once you click around a little you’ll see just how wrong you are.  The facesitting and pussy worship has really taken over on this site and the guys who are sat on are quite literally sat on without any choice when they’re allowed to get up again.  The guys are actually trying to struggle against these giant She Boss women in these movies, but they just can’t do it!  And it’s hardly surprising when you see pictures like these is it?  Can you imagine trying to fight this bitch off?
When you get those chunky thighs either side of your head there’s simply no escape, so you may as well try to get into, or at least understand the asphyxiation fetish that’s about to happen.  Taking a deep breath and having one of these fat bitches sitting on your face has to have its merits, and I’m pretty sure that having a nice juicy pussy slammed into your mouth is one of them.  Check out She Boss for even more videos and pictures of this awesome fetish!

Maid walks in on slaves first asphyxiation session

October 17th, 2017

It’s this guy’s first session in smothering and he’s going to have a hard lesson to learn here.  The lesson is, take a very deep breath before they smother you, otherwise you could end up kicking your legs and flailing your arms around while they take you to within an inch of your fucking life!  These ass smothering babes really do like to smother you; literally!  Watch out!  She Boss has so many of these hot bitches, ready to get it on with guys who like to be asphyxiated and if you have an asphyxiation fetish this is the place to go to get your goodies.  I know that I’d rather be asphyxiated like this than any other way.  It’s got to be good having a giant pair of tits or a nice wet pussy and big ass in your face hasn’t it?
If you’ve ever had an ordinary girl ride your face then you might think you know what it’s like, but until you’ve had these professional, hardcore facesitting sluts riding your chops, you have no idea at all; this is the real deal guys, just look at the pictures and you’ll see.  However, it’s not all in the pics.  When you go to She Boss website you’ll see that there are loads of videos on there too, and it’s these that you need to be watching to get the full experience; well actually to get the full facesitting experience you need someone this big to be sitting on your face, but in the absence of that this will have to suffice (and it might just save your life!)

Fatty grinding Pussy on Face Action

October 16th, 2017

Christ!  I hope that bitch doesn’t have a hairy fanny because she’s likely to scratch that poor fuckers face with it the way she’s grinding down on him.  When you see the video of these two at it on the bed you can certainly tell who’s in charge of the situation.  You don’t get any weak assed bitches on She Boss you know, they’re all quite prepared to smother their men with their big fat asses and moist pussy.  When you’ve got a nice big fat babe like this sitting on your face you know that there’s not much else you can do other than to start licking and munching your way out.  Only then will they allow you come up for air.  Those big bitches will sit on your face until you start chewing man, make no mistake about it!
This guy doesn’t do much complaining about the taste of ass, so he must be a genuine fan of pussy and ass worship.  In the video you can see him get his tongue wedged right in there between her pussy and her asshole.  He loves to taste her and feel her folds of fat falling down the side of his face as he does it.  The sensation of then having the fat bitch get off only to flop her giant tits in your face must be truly amazing and we’re just jealous that we can’t be a part of it.  However, we can watch it as much as we want and probably save our lives in the process!  Go over to She Boss and check out all the big ass smothering and pussy worship action on there; there’s a lot to go at, quite literally!