Like plump ladies? Who will make you eat their stinking fat ass?

Real mean British bitches aare in charge here

December 10th, 2016

The women certainly are in charge here folks, and when it comes to big, bossy women She Boss has them all; and they’re very fierce!  When you first enter their website you think that it might just be another pathetic fetish site that doesn’t offer what it says it does, but once you click around a little you’ll see just how wrong you are.  The facesitting and pussy worship has really taken over on this site and the guys who are sat on are quite literally sat on without any choice when they’re allowed to get up again.  The guys are actually trying to struggle against these giant She Boss women in these movies, but they just can’t do it!  And it’s hardly surprising when you see pictures like these is it?  Can you imagine trying to fight this bitch off?
When you get those chunky thighs either side of your head there’s simply no escape, so you may as well try to get into, or at least understand the asphyxiation fetish that’s about to happen.  Taking a deep breath and having one of these fat bitches sitting on your face has to have its merits, and I’m pretty sure that having a nice juicy pussy slammed into your mouth is one of them.  Check out She Boss for even more videos and pictures of this awesome fetish!

Maid walks in on slaves first asphyxiation session

December 9th, 2016

It’s this guy’s first session in smothering and he’s going to have a hard lesson to learn here.  The lesson is, take a very deep breath before they smother you, otherwise you could end up kicking your legs and flailing your arms around while they take you to within an inch of your fucking life!  These ass smothering babes really do like to smother you; literally!  Watch out!  She Boss has so many of these hot bitches, ready to get it on with guys who like to be asphyxiated and if you have an asphyxiation fetish this is the place to go to get your goodies.  I know that I’d rather be asphyxiated like this than any other way.  It’s got to be good having a giant pair of tits or a nice wet pussy and big ass in your face hasn’t it?
If you’ve ever had an ordinary girl ride your face then you might think you know what it’s like, but until you’ve had these professional, hardcore facesitting sluts riding your chops, you have no idea at all; this is the real deal guys, just look at the pictures and you’ll see.  However, it’s not all in the pics.  When you go to She Boss website you’ll see that there are loads of videos on there too, and it’s these that you need to be watching to get the full experience; well actually to get the full facesitting experience you need someone this big to be sitting on your face, but in the absence of that this will have to suffice (and it might just save your life!)

Fatty grinding Pussy on Face Action

December 9th, 2016

Christ!  I hope that bitch doesn’t have a hairy fanny because she’s likely to scratch that poor fuckers face with it the way she’s grinding down on him.  When you see the video of these two at it on the bed you can certainly tell who’s in charge of the situation.  You don’t get any weak assed bitches on She Boss you know, they’re all quite prepared to smother their men with their big fat asses and moist pussy.  When you’ve got a nice big fat babe like this sitting on your face you know that there’s not much else you can do other than to start licking and munching your way out.  Only then will they allow you come up for air.  Those big bitches will sit on your face until you start chewing man, make no mistake about it!
This guy doesn’t do much complaining about the taste of ass, so he must be a genuine fan of pussy and ass worship.  In the video you can see him get his tongue wedged right in there between her pussy and her asshole.  He loves to taste her and feel her folds of fat falling down the side of his face as he does it.  The sensation of then having the fat bitch get off only to flop her giant tits in your face must be truly amazing and we’re just jealous that we can’t be a part of it.  However, we can watch it as much as we want and probably save our lives in the process!  Go over to She Boss and check out all the big ass smothering and pussy worship action on there; there’s a lot to go at, quite literally!

Guys get ready to be smothered by a real mean fat bitch

December 8th, 2016

Smothering ass and pussy worship are the order of the day for this guy; if he lives to tell the tale that is!  This fat bitch is really going to town on this guy in these pictures.  You should see the video content that goes with it folks; if you like ass smothering and pussy worship like this then you seriously need to get yourself over to She Boss and check out the rest of the site, it gets even better than this!  I can never work out how they get the guy to look so pathetic in these pictures.  Oh yes!  Of course.  It’s because the bitches that are sitting on their faces are so fucking huge, that’s why.  If you stood an elephant next to a heavyweight boxer that boxer would still look like nothing
Can you imagine all that flesh gathering around your face as this fat bitch lowers herself onto your face?  The feel of the hot sweaty folds falling over your eyes and the whole of your head, whilst all you can breathe is the sweet smell of wet pussy.  If you’re lucky you might be allowed to grab a handful of fat ass, but you’d have to be very lucky with these babes; over on She Boss the girls are certainly in charge and they don’t take no shit!  Get yourself over there now and check out the rest of this scene and a load of others like it.  You can’t get this sort of facesitting action anywhere else on the net.

Nice Black Face Sitting with a hot strict black amateur

December 7th, 2016

When this guy pulled this black chick in the club and went back to her place he didn’t envisage having her sitting on his face in this way.  To begin with, he thought he’d probably end up fucking her and making her suck his cock etc.  This ain’t going to happen in this scene though!  And we all know who’s in charge don’t we?  That’s right: the She Boss.  This black babe is certainly the one in charge, just look at the way she’s perched herself on top of her guy like some kind of predatory animal, smothering him to within an inch of his life!  I hope he likes all this attention because it’s about all he’s likely to get from this babe.
You see, some of you may not realised that She Boss is actually about the woman being firmly in control of the situation and making her man worship her pussy and ass before they actually get the chance to see it.  They must submit to it and feel the power these things have over them.  Face Sitting like this and smothering her man is the only way this babe knows how to dominate in this way; and it works wonders when she gets into it.  Check her out on She Boss now and see the rest of the videos on there; they’re not all as nice as this one either folks so watch out and take a deep breath.

Black mistress smothers her white slaves face

December 7th, 2016


This is probably the best set of holiday pictures you’re likely to see this year!  How many sets of pictures do you get to see around your friends’ houses of this sort of behaviour?  It’s usually castles, beaches and pools right?  Well, try face sitting and smothering fetish shots for a start.  These are awesome.  This babe doesn’t even see the point in removing her bikini in these shots because the aim of the game here isn’t that sexual (for her anyway), she just wants to show her man that she is indeed a She Boss and she’s certainly in charge; well and truly!
It all looks rather nice there doesn’t it?  The outdoor furniture etc.  It would make it even more interesting if there was perhaps a Greek waiter peering around the corner watching them do this little battle!  I don’t know how the guy beneath her pussy can resist pulling his hands up and ripping off her panties to be honest; oh yes I can, sorry, she’s in charge and she won’t fucking let him, that’s what’s going on here.  Anyway, if you like this shoot and you’re keen to see the movie version to see just how far this She Boss is willing to go in smothering her man then get yourself over to their site quick smart and check it out!

Too many She Bosses using and abusing one man!

December 6th, 2016

Now this is just simply unfair isn’t it?  If this guy did want to fight these bitches off he wouldn’t stand a chance (I don’t’ think he does to be perfectly honest though).  Four of them is just cheating isn’t it?  And how much tongue action do they think this one guy has in him for Christ’s sake!  There’s only so much one man can do with his face isn’t there?  They certainly have a lot of fun on his face anyway, and when you see the way they don’t even wait for him to draw breath before they slam another pussy down on him you’ll think you’re in heaven; if only because it’s not you being abused in this way!
This video is a rare occurrence on She Boss, but a welcome addition to the catalogue.  It’s not often theat they get more than two girls abusing a man, sitting on his face like this, never mind four of the smoothing bitches!  They’re all uber horny too aren’t they?  That lucky son of a bitch.  I’d be happy to spend a week or two recovering after a session with these four face sitting angels wouldn’t you?  If you want to see the whole movie (and I can guarantee that it’s worth it) then simply go over to She Boss and check it out; there’s a whole lot more on there too you know.

BBW sits her big ass on a guys face

December 5th, 2016

We never realised that facesitting was such an art; we thought that you just need a babes to sit on your face and that was it.  With She Boss it’s all about dominating too though, and when you see some of the babes that do the facesitting around this site you’ll see just why it’s become such an art.  This one is like no other we’ve seen in a long time.  This crazy facesitting bitch doesn’t even let her guy come up for air.  She leaves him kicking and screaming (muffled) beneath her until he’s virtually passed out before she lets him up for air; this is the ultimate facesitting abuse and control.  These girls fucking love it!  And we just bet you do too, otherwise you wouldn’t be here would you?

Another way these boss ladies take control on this site is to actually physically hold their hands over the poor guy’s face too!  Yes, you read it right, and if you look at the pictures you’ll see this fat bitch actually doing it.  However, our personal favourite is when they get those massive tits into the game and smother their men with those.  Most of these dominating, facesitting babes have massive tits too (kind of goes hand in hand with the big bodies) and when they get those boobs out there is quite literally no mercy given no matter what.  If you’ve ever thought about doing this for a living and getting fat bitches to sit on your face and smother you then think again folks; it takes a certain type of porn star to put up with this sort of punishment; these girls are professional face sitters and smothers.

Two fat UK housewives take it in turns to smother a guy

December 4th, 2016

This is where ass worship really comes to mind isn’t it?  Just look at the size of this ass folks, couldn’t you just bury your head in there?  Come to think of it you could bury your entire body in there without much of a problem!  This particular set of pictures is the ultimate in she boss facesitting though, simply because you’ve got too massive babes trying to sit on this poor guy’s face.  I wonder if he’ll survive?  Half of the thrill is watching them fight to see which one gets to sit on him next; he must have a wicked tongue under there.

She Boss is one of the only places where you can see this sort of abuse.  There’s nothing like seeing two giant babes wrestling with each other in order to smother a guy with their big ass and lovely wet pussy.  I have it on very good authority that these babes get incredibly wet with just the thought of smothering men.  I hope they don’t take it too seriously, they could seriously hurt someone doing that!  Don’t you just love to see tits that big too, swinging about while they bounce up and down on that guy’s face?  We get the benefit of that view of course, because the only thing that guy is likely to see is absolute darkness, big fat asses and gaping wet pussy.  Actually I’m not sure which one I’d rather see now that I mention it.  If you want some more of this action and you want to see the video that goes along with this (and much more besides) then get your pathetic little faces over to She Boss and see what all the fuss is about.

Strict mistress bounces on her slaves face

December 3rd, 2016

This ass is certainly a fine one, and in any other circumstances you’d expect the guy to enter the scene, get a load of that sight and then pull those panties down and be up to his nuts in guts before you can say Jack Robinson.  Not this one though folks!  Not this time!  This bitch is a She Boss, and whether the guy knew it or not, he certainly gets to find out.  When he expresses an interest in her ass she decided to make him work a little harder to get it.  This is done by sitting on his face so he can barely breathe.  This babe is an expert face sitter and she demands a certain amount of respect from all her guys; do you think she’s going to get it from this one?
Well, he certainly seems like he knows what he’s doing.  There are a couple of good shots of him on his knees succumbing to her power and when she pushes her pussy in his face he is rendered even more helpless by her powerful nature and forceful attitude.  This is one bitch that doesn’t need to be fat, with rolls of flesh hanging all over her man’s face, to keep him where she wants him.  This babe has power in her legs.  Her thighs are like a vice and when she applies that face sitting pressure it’s like no other smothering fetish you’re likely to come across.  This guy better be sure to worship her ass and pussy like no-one has ever done before, and if you want to worship you’d better get on over to the She Boss website and check out the full length video of this scene; it’s awesome!